Do Hair Extensions Damage Hair? | Hair Extension Safety

We believe that wearing extensions will not result in damage to your natural hair. No matter the application and removal technique that’s being used by the professional; with the proper maintenance done by you, your hair will remain healthy. 

 During your hair extension consultation, you should ask your stylist about the maintenance process. It is very necessary that you care for your hair extensions daily, monthly, and have a scheduled maintenance depending on the type of extensions or the method that was used to install them. 

Damage Causes and Prevention Methods: Could Hair Extensions Damage Hair?


  • Tightly pulling the hair at the scalp can cause breakage and hair loss. Have a professional securely apply your extensions, without extreme tension.
  • Wearing heavy extensions on weak hair or fine hair textures may result in breakage. Find the best application method for your hair type and texture.
  • Over worn/ grown extensions can cause your hair to become tangled & matted and the extension may become too heavy for your natural hair. Be sure to follow the proper removal process/ maintenance time frame for your type of extensions.
  • If your natural hair is braided underneath the extensions, allowing your natural hair to remain wet can produce mold and result in matted hair; avoid wetting your natural hair that’s underneath the extensions.


If damage has occured, it’s not that the hair extensions alone has caused damage, but the neglect of the extensions and the lack of proper care and the knowledge to do so. 



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